NNA needs your help — letter regarding postage

Contact: Lynne Lance, executive director, lynne@nna.org   Dear NNA member,

This summer, the Postal Regulatory Commission will review the regulations that permit USPS to require postage increases twice a year.  NNA needs your help.

Postage for Periodicals has increased by more than 35% since 2021. For some newspapers, the increase was even higher.

USPS has intentionally slowed the delivery of newspapers. The official delivery standard was slowed by only a day, but actual delivery is much slower for most of us.  Also, our First-Class Mail has become unreliable, so that checks don’t arrive as they should.

I need to know your experiences with these problems.  I’m attaching a letter to give you a guideline for response.  You’ll see in yellow here where I need you to write in your own experience.  Or, please just write your own letter.  The more specifics, the better.

NNA plans to file all of the letters on the record with the Commission. We need to help the Commission understand how the decline of mail service has hurt our industry.   If you don’t want your letter included on the public file, there is no need to respond to this letter, but you can send me private emails.  I represent our industry in the Postmaster General’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee.

But I hope you’ll write a letter. Whatever the Commission decides is what we will live with for the next five years. Higher postage rates? Even worse service? I hope not.

You may use this form and we’ll take it from there or download this template and complete it yourself — please email to lynne@nna.org by June 1.

If you represent a group, you may fill this out and upload a document with your titles to include with this letter.

Thank you for your help and for the opportunity to represent this important industry.


John Galer
Publisher, The Journal-News, Hillsboro, IL
NNA Chair  

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