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Online Media Campus provides high-quality, low-cost online training to media professionals.  More than 20 programs are offered annually on writing and editorial topics, print and online advertising sales, technology, social networking, management issues and much more.  Each program runs approximately 60 minutes and is designed to be interactive.  A post-webinar follow-up by presenters is included to ensure that all questions are answered. These cost-effective and time-efficient webinars are designed to offer fresh ideas to improve job skills, without the need for travel and time away from the office.


The Iowa Newspaper Association and Iowa Freedom of Information Council are teaming up on a new series of training videos to help inform journalists about the laws affecting government meetings and access to government records.

The library of videos will be archived available at no charge whenever a new reporter joins your staff or when you and your employees want to brush up on some aspect of what are called Iowa’s “sunshine” laws.

Randy Evans, the FOI Council’s executive director, is preparing the videos in consultation with the Council’s lawyers.

Each video will be approximately 15 minutes in length. Some will also direct viewers to longer, more in-depth videos to address more complex aspects of the meetings law or the records law.

Suggestions for these training videos can be directed to Evans at

The first set of videos will be released summer 2024. Please check back for updates.

The training series will include such topics as:

-What the law requires government boards to provide in advance notice and a tentative agenda before a meeting can be held;

-What the law says about journalists or citizens recording, photographing or live-streaming government board meetings;

-When and what is required before board members meet in closed sessions;

-What you can learn about the reasons for closed sessions;

-What governments are required to release when an employee is terminated;

-How to request copies of government records;

-What law enforcement records are you entitled to obtain;

-What the law says about access to government employees’ personnel records.


(FREE!) Short videos to train new and prospective reporters!

Earn Your Press Pass courses are designed to help prospective reporters who have no background in journalism but are passionate about the communities the newspaper serves. (Also, a good opportunity to train non-reporters about other areas of the industry!)

The videos include high-quality online content presented in user-friendly, self-paced segments.

Presented by Lindsey Young, co-owner of Kansas Publishing Ventures and a practicing journalist. A former high school journalism and public speaking teacher, she has been immersed in community newspapering since Joey and Lindsey purchased their first community newspaper, The Clarion, (KS) in 2014.

The program teaches simple interviewing steps to make new reporters more successful. Additionally, the course outlines basics like newspaper jargon, editing and basic photography. There are no homework assignments or quizzes. Only short informational videos.

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To gain access to the online self-guided lessons email Jana Shepherd, Foundation Director,