Entry Information

The deadline for entry submissions is Friday, October 15, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.


  • NEW Best Special Digital Project
  • NEW Ken Fuson Best Writing Award

To encourage participation, INA will offer “coupons” for three free entries to newspapers who did not enter the 2021 contests. In addition, INA will offer incentives to newspapers who prepare their entries without error. See below for more information.

If you have questions during the contest entry preparation process, please contact the INA at 515-244-2145 or ina@inanews.com.



under 5,050


5,051 and greater


840 and under




1,551 and greater


THREE FREE ENTRIES for those new to contests!

The INA is offering three free entries to any member newspaper that did not enter the 2021 Better Newspaper Contests. Approximately half of INA’s member newspapers entered the contests last year. 

If you haven’t entered in the past, give it a try this year. You have nothing to lose and you may come out of it with some shiny hardware or certificates to hang on your wall and share with your readers.  Win-win!

Follow entry instructions, win Convention-on-us!

Each year, starting on the Monday following the contest entry deadline, INA staff members begin the process of checking all entries to confirm they are prepared correctly. Newspapers are contacted to resolve any questions prior to the entries being judged, to ensure that all entries are judged fairly and properly. 

INA newspapers submitted nearly 3,335 entries in the 2021 contests. As you can expect, checking all of those entries and then making follow-up contacts is a lenghty, exhaustive process.

The most common submission errors are multiple entries being combined into one entry upload, missing payments, full tearsheets not being submitted and entries that were missing parts of the required examples.

In an effort to minimize errors and the time INA staff and newspapers spend making corrections, we are introducing an incentive that will offer newspapers who prepare their entries perfectly a chance to win a free 2022 convention package. Each newspaper that does not have to be contacted to fix any of its 2022 contest entries will be entered into a drawing to win a package consisting of one convention registration, one meal package and two nights of hotel stay (approximate value $350).

When preparing your entries, please carefully read over the call for entries for each category’s rules and requirements. If you have questions, INA staff is ready to help! Contact us at ina@inanews.com or 515-244-2145.