Master Editor-Publisher

The Iowa Newspaper Association annually honors deserving individuals with two prestigious awards: the Master Editor-Publisher award and the Distinguished Service Award. Both awards are presented to recipients during the association's annual convention in February.

Recipients were announced February 2 at the 2023 INA Awards Banquet.

Each year's honorees are selected by past recipients of the awards.

Master Editor-Publisher honorees are chosen based on the following criteria:
The nominee has worked hard, thought soundly, influenced unselfishly, and lived honorably.

This award may be given to any person who at the time of the selection is actively engaged in editing and/or publishing a newspaper which is a member in good standing of the Iowa Newspaper Association.


terry christensen23


Fort Dodge Messenger

Terry Christensen is not one to be fearful of shaking up the norm to bring fresh perspective, a more relevant and locally based news product. Once an outsider to the industry if you will, he brought a wave of new ideas, tactics, and philosophies for his newspapers.  

When he is named publisher of newspapers, it becomes clear the impact he has on communities and people. Most recently after taking on a new leadership role he moved quickly to first update the building’s interior to a more contemporary look. Gone were the historical pages of yesteryear and in their place were motivational messages, work boards, a large flag, and even a mirror so that every employee walking in could take measure of their appearance and attitude as they came to work. Publications were renamed, re-branded and updated to appeal to a new generation of reader. Local news became a larger emphasis, sports was redone with local emphasis and personal updates on local athletes became the norm rather than exception. 

Christensen has substantially grown a commercial printing business and turned newspapers into award winning publications.  

His management style is one of empowerment and positive reinforcement. He involves all employees in regular meetings to drive goals and create a cohesive operation. He is known as a “people” person who forms positive relationships with anyone he meets. He is well liked, respected and looked up to in his community. Most importantly, he is driven to improve the communities he lives and works in.

Bruce Miller, editor of the Sioux City Journal, is shown Friday, March 27, 2015. Sioux City Journal photo by Tim Hynds


Sioux City Journal

Bruce Miller has worked the last four decades to promote the profession of journalism, make his local newspaper a leading source of news and give back to the community whenever possible. 

In the newsroom, he leads by example with his positive, can-do attitude, challenging colleagues to achieve lofty goals and practice high professional standards. He is continually giving of his time and ready to offer praise and constructive criticism to staff. He enjoys mentoring young journalists both in his role at the newspaper as well as an adjunct professor. 

Throughout his career, Miller has quickly adapted to the many changes and challenges in the industry and has developed keen insight for the type of stories readers count on the newspaper to tell. Under his leadership the paper has won numerous state, regional and national awards. 

He harnesses his outgoing personality and cheerful manner to give back to the community, volunteering as an MC for a long list of charitable events. While these high-profile public appearances have made him a local celebrity, most people never see the commitment and compassion he has for his own staff. He often refers to his team as a family and goes above and beyond for those who may need an extra hand from time to time. 

He has been a fixture in his community for 40 years. He is dedicated to fairness, truth and kindness, qualities that have not gone unnoticed in his community and among his colleagues. 



Bloomfield Democrat

Karen Spurgeon is much more than a caretaker of her community newspaper. She has excelled in the role of publisher through her day-and-night devotion to a paper that has been a part of the family for more than 50 years.  

As we know, dedication to newspapers entails many responsibilities. Covering city council and education meetings, writing editorials that challenge local residents and leaders to step up in the community, and writing countless stories to shine a spotlight on current issues just scratches the surface. 

We also know life has a way of throwing many of us for a curve. This holds true for our recipient when she was quickly faced with launching this second career, as a busy publisher, at a time when she would have been facing retirement and all the anticipated rest she had earned. 

Through her leadership she has taken the newspaper into the lives of its readers expanding its coverage to highlight a variety of groups in her community. She introduced readers to members of the Amish religious order, highlighted first responders efforts and sacrifices during the worst health crisis in a century, supported business during the health crisis and still found time to remain active in several community organizations as well.  She has done a great service to her community by championing what it means to provide local news. 

Serving as publisher since 2013 has not been a job for this individual. It has been a labor of love – love for what her late husband built during his nearly 50 years at the helm, love for the community where they both grew up, and love for the vital role a strong newspaper plays in a community.  



Sheldon N'West Iowa REVIEW

Jeff Wagner was born into the publishing business. As an infant he was regularly carted to work at the family paper and as a young boy listened to his parents talking printing, publishing, and newspaper issues nightly at the dinner table. 

By the time Wagner was in high school he held a fully franchised Nikon dealership located in the newspaper office and, was the only photographer for the paper. His parents would often have to call the high school principal to get excused from class when there was a breaking daytime story. 

When finished with school, our recipient jumped head-first into the family publishing business, as both staff photographer and designer and chief layout artist. It was during that period the newspaper won 17 Iowa Newspaper of the Year honors and became one of the three largest circulation weekly papers in Iowa. 

In the mid-80’s he was instrumental in the establishment of the family’s newspaper printing plant that has steadily steered through challenges and loses, yet more than tripling business from when it first starts. 

Wagner knows and loves the important role newspapers play in the lives of the communities they serve. The company has expanded and grown tremendously under his leadership. He has been a committed member of the Iowa Newspaper Association, serving on the Foundation and Association boards as well as many committees. He also represents the National Newspaper Association as a presenter at state association conventions across the country. 



Terry Christensen, Fort Dodge Messenger
Bruce Miller, Sioux City Journal
Karen Spurgeon, Bloomfield Democrat
Jeff Wagner, Sheldon N'West Iowa REVIEW


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