NEW Earn Your Press Pass Training Live!

 We are excited to announce recently launched new videos for Earn Your Press Pass.

Current participants are now enrolled in

Extra Credit: Community Journalism Training
Log in to view the new courses and be on the lookout for even more to come!  

New to Earn Your Press Pass?   The short video courses are designed to help prospective reporters who have no background in journalism but are passionate about the communities the newspaper serves. (Also a good opportunity to train non-reporters about other areas of the industry!)

The videos include high-quality online content presented in user-friendly, self-paced segments.  
Presented by Lindsey Young, co-owner of KPV and a practicing journalist. A former high school journalism and public speaking teacher, she has been immersed in community newspapering since Joey and Lindsey purchased their first community newspaper, The Clarion, in 2014.  

The program teaches simple interviewing steps to make new reporters more successful. Additionally, the course outlines basics like newspaper jargon, editing and basic photography. There are no homework assignments or quizzes. Only short informational videos.    

INA members interested in the training may request access through Jana Shepherd at  

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