INA to provide photos from State Wrestling Tournament

The Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Newspaper Association are again working together to facilitate a service for Iowa newspapers that are unable to staff the State Wrestling Tournament with a photographer. 

The Iowa Newspaper Association will provide a pool of volunteers to take pictures. Revenue collected from participating newspapers will go to the photographers. The tournament dates are Thursday, February 20 through Saturday, February 22. 

Newspapers wanting pictures of wrestlers from their area can obtain an order form in this edition of the Bulletin, by e-mailing the INA at or by downloading it from The order form will ask for the following information:

  • The name of the wrestler(s) to photograph
  • The name and class of each wrestler’s high school
  • The weight class of each wrestler

Newspapers will also be given options for purchasing the photos of each wrestler. On the order form they will be asked to select from these options:

  • Please provide one photo from each match this wrestler wrestles
  • Please provide one photo of this wrestler from the tournament
  • Please provide a photo of this wrestler only if still in competition on Saturday
  • Please provide a photo of this wrestler standing on the podium if a medalist

The order forms must be faxed or e-mailed back to the INA by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18. Any photo orders that come in after the deadline will be billed at $16 per photo.

Place your order now!

Photographers will shoot multiple photos of each wrestler and will select the ONE photo from each match that they believe is the best one taken. Photos will be made available on the INA’s ftp site for download by participating members as soon as possible following the matches.

Newspapers opting to get just one photo of a wrestler (rather than one photo from each match he wrestles) will likely receive a photo from one of the earlier rounds in the tournament. Depending on the logistical challenges we face, it may be difficult to provide photos from the final match of several matches wrestled.

Newspapers opting to purchase one photo of a wrestler from each match will receive the photos as the tournament progresses.

Newspapers will be billed for the photos whether or not they are used. The INA will make every effort to make sure that volunteers are well-organized so that all newspapers requesting photos will receive them. However, members are asked to remember that this is a service where members are doing their best to help other members and confusion may reign at times. The photos are for the exclusive use of the newspaper ordering them. In order to be fair to the volunteers, and in order to insure the continuation of the program, members are asked not to forward the photos to other newspapers.

If you have any questions about the INA photographer pool or if a photographer from your newspaper is interested in volunteering to serve in the pool, please contact Susan James at