Why we participate in contest – Greg Forbes, Hampton Chronicle/Mid-America Publishing

The 2019 INA Convention and Trade Show Awards Banquet took place Friday, February 8. (Photo by Michael Watson.)2019 Convention and Trade Show

The Better Newspaper Awards for us are not just about the plaques and certificates we receive. They’re a reflection of our hard work from the year before and encouragement to continue to be a reliable, relatable community newspaper. 

These awards not only provide validation to our staff but show our readers that we are providing them with a professional and high quality product they can turn to when they have questions regarding hot topics or want to read a unique feature that can only be found in our paper.

Every year at Mid-America Publishing, our company-wide response to the call for awards shows that we are proud of the work we do and want to showcase our talents to the state and an audience of our peers. We are able to show our fellow journalists and media professionals what new and innovative projects can be done within our small communities and emphasize that community newspapers are still very much a needed commodity across the state.

Most of our newspapers are in small pockets of the state, so the opportunity to show that we can produce publications that focus on the locals that make those communities unique is a significant point of pride for all employees in our company. 

– Greg Forbes,  Hampton Chronicle/Mid-America Publishing