Public Notice Rates & Forms

Iowa newspaper public notice advertising rates are updated each July 1.

Public notice rates are tied to the consumer price index as a result of a bill backed by the INA and passed by the Legislature in 2000. Since that time, rates have increased annually with only two decreases. The following language details how the rates are computed and is included in the INA Publishers’ Handbook:

618.11 Fees for publication
The compensation, when not otherwise fixed, for the publication in a newspaper of any notice, order, citation, or other publication required or allowed by law shall be at a rate of thirty-four cents for one insertion and twenty-three cents for each subsequent insertion for each line of eight-point type two inches in length, or its equivalent. Beginning June 1, 2001, and each June 1 thereafter, the state printing administrator shall calculate a new rate for the following fiscal year as prescribed in this section, and shall publish this rate as a notice in the Iowa administrative bulletin prior to the first day of the following calendar month. The new rate shall be effective on the first day of the calendar month following its publication. The rate shall be calculated by applying the percentage change in the consumer price index for all urban consumers for the last available twelve-month period published in the federal register by the federal department of labor, bureau of labor statistics, to the existing rate as an increase or decrease in the rate rounded to the nearest one-tenth of a cent. The calculation and publication of the rate by the state printing administrator shall be exempt from the provisions of chapters 17A and 25B.

Questions on public notice rates? Contact INA Executive Director Susan Patterson Plank at or 515-422-9050.