Public Service Ads & Announcements 

The INA distributes public service ads and articles to its member newspapers based on requests from organizations that meet the INA’s PSA Distribution Policy. Newspapers can run these items as space allows. These are not paid advertising.

This page is your one-stop outlet for the various PSAs that have been distributed by INA, allowing members one easy location to access these materials.



A representative who, on behalf of a company or government entity, requests that public service announcements be distributed to the newspapers of Iowa or requests board endorsement of a project or initiative should be informed that the request must have the following characteristics:

  1. the organization making the request must be a non-profit organization;
  2. the project or initiative must be statewide in scope;
  3. the request should relate to a subject of interest to Iowa publishers and/or their readers or advertisers and
  4. the staff should inquire as to any out-of-pocket expenses and determine if advertising is being purchased in any other medium and inform the board of this.

Before a request is brought to the board(s), the staff shall consult with all three board presidents to determine if the presidents deem the request relevant.

To request INA distribute a PSA on behalf of your organization, contact the Iowa Newspaper Association at

Iowa Public Information Board

The Public Information Board was created by the Iowa Legislature in 2012, to serve as a one-stop destination to answer your questions or address your concerns regarding Chapters 21 and 22, Iowa’s open meetings and public records laws. The board provides information and training on open-records and open-meetings laws to government entities and Iowa residents, but also is empowered to receive and investigate complaints and levy penalties for violations of the law.