Newz Group Announces Program to Help Rural Journalism

Local news is more important than ever in the face of COVID-19.

Newz Group Publishing Support Services is pleased to announce that they will be offering no cost E-Edition hosting for three months to any paper in America to support rural and community papers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Local journalism is the information backbone for many rural communities across America, and the pandemic has hit community newspapers hard as local advertising dollars dry up. Accurate information in small communities has never been more important, and we cannot let these publications disappear. We all need to do our bit in the face of COVID-19, and Newz Group is stepping up,” said Brad Buchanan, President of Newz Group.

Local News Coverage Matters More than Ever

Newz Group knows that in times of crisis, people turn to their local paper for reliable information. By offering no cost E-Edition services for three months, Newz Group hopes to help papers across America cut costs, allowing them to continue to provide their respective communities with the news they need. “We need to make that technology available to everyone so rural people can get accurate information about what is going on their area.” said Brad Buchanan, President of Newz Group. Any paper, regardless of size is encouraged to contact Newz Group to see how they can take advantage of this program.

Newz Group Background

Founded in 1995, Newz Group has been operating publisher support services and multi-state media monitoring services for 25 years. The family-owned company works closely with state press associations throughout the U.S., archiving about one-third of all newspapers published in America. Newz Group believes that local journalism is an important part of American society and works every day to give journalists and publishers the tools they need to thrive.

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