Coronavirus Common Front Page

Last week the UK made a bold move to create a common voice to assure readers they are not alone in this ‘new reality’ we are all experiencing and assured readers they are in this with them. Press Associations across the country are participating in doing the same thing here for our papers and communities. 

On Thursday March 26th, a front page creative will be sent out to all of our member papers that would like to participate in this initiative.  There will be the bold statement and then space for each newspaper to create/write its own story about its community and how the newspaper is standing with them.  

The goal is to have daily papers publish the front page on Monday March 30th and weekly papers will publish the front page the first day in the week they publish.  

If you are interested in participating, please click the button below to download the copy and graphic.

If you do choose to participate, don’t forget to send your front page to Cicely Gordon at so we can compile all of the Iowa newspapers who participated.

Click here to read an article about the common front page movement in the UK.