How-To News Writer

The Iowa Newspaper Foundation works with Michael Bugeja, director of Iowa State University's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, to offer “"How-To News Writer: 25 ways to develop reporting, writing and digital skills."

This book is the ultimate primer for reporters, a step-by-step guide on how to write news and how to write it well. The current edition, released in 2010, features new chapters on: How to produce content on demand, How to cover a beat, How to shoot digital photos, How to plan and create videography, How to blog and micro-blog and How to crowdsource.

Better still, remaining chapters on news writing, ethics and First Amendment rights are richer, updated and as concise as ever. You’ll learn or renew interest in how to edit, detect plagiarism, quote, write leads, execute features and cover events, meetings of the Legislature and much, much more!

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Author Michael Bugeja includes 25 concise chapters on how to write news:
1. How to recognize rights
2. How to adjust your attitude
3. How to spell
4. How to learn grammar and usage
5. How to edit copy
6. How to detect plagiarism
7. How to interview
8. How to dictate a story
9. How to attribute
10. How (and how not) to quote
11. How to write a lead
12. How to rewrite a lead
13. How to write a cutline
14. How to write a correction
15. How to handle fillers
16. How to use a futures file
17. How to spot and write a bright
18. How to cover and write about a speech
19. How to cover and write about a meeting
20. How to cover and write about crime and courts
21. How to cover a news conference
22. How to cover the legislature
23. How to find feature ideas
24. How to write a feature
25. How to create a code of ethics

Bugeja is a longtime print journalist and journalism educator. After serving as a reporter, correspondent and state editor for United Press International, he began teaching at Oklahoma State University. He came to Iowa State from Ohio University. Bugeja has written for a variety of periodicals and he has authored 19 books.