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Looking for something you’ve seen in the Bulletin that is available for download on the INA website? Need a house ad to fill space this week? Want to find materials to promote the newspaper industry?

You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find ads promoting newspaper readership and advertising, freedom of information tools and articles, and more.

Iowa Freedom of Information Council Column:
July 2017

"Get The Facts" newspaper readership ads:
Full page 9.889x21
2x8 cmyk

2x8 b/w

Materials to hold a "People Have the Power" Community Conversation in your community
All materials can be localized

"We'd rave about newspapers..." by Ken Paulson

Ads promoting (INA public notice website)

Iowa 2x2/2x4 Network House ads
Events Ad 1
Events Ad 2

PSA's (public service ads/announcements)

If there is an item you’d like to download but are unable to find, please contact Cicely Gordon at 515-244-2145 or