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The Public Information Board was created by the Iowa Legislature in 2012, to serve as a one-stop destination to answer your questions or address your concerns regarding Chapters 21 and 22, Iowa’s open meetings and public records laws. The board provides information and training on open-records and open-meetings laws to government entities and Iowa residents, but also is empowered to receive and investigate complaints and levy penalties for violations of the law.

Visit the Iowa Public Information Board website for a list of current board members, meeting minutes and the date and agenda for the next meeting.

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September 2019
The Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) issued an advisory opinion on July 18, 2019, concerning the confidentiality of peace officers’ investigatory reports

August 2019
Iowa Public Information Board selects Renee Twedt as Chair and Julie Pottorff as Vice-Chair to lead the Board for fiscal year 2019-2020

September 2018
Can a government body withhold the email addresses that members of a board or commission use to conduct government business?

March 2018
I want the record right now. How much time does the public agency have to produce a requested record?

March 2017
Does Chapter 21 of the Code of Iowa permit a final action to be taken in closed session? Do other sections of the Code permit meetings of governmental bodies to be closed?

February 2017
Iowa Public Information Board 2017 year-in-review

January 2017
Question:What steps should a private citizen take at a meeting of a governmental body when it is suggested that the body go into closed session, possibly for reasons not legal under Chapter 21 or other sections of the Iowa Code?

December 2016
Question:Can a government body request and receive payment for the actual costs incurred in retrieving and reviewing public records prior to release or copying of the records?

November 2016
Question: What should I do when I can fulfill part of the record request in a few days, but collecting the rest will take longer?

October 2016
Question:  Can our board discuss something not on the agenda?  Can some of us get together after the meeting adjourns?

September 2016
Are settlement agreements public records?

August 2016
What guidelines have been established for providing the "tentative agenda" and reasonable notice of public meetings outlined in Iowa Code section 21.4?

July 2016

Are the names of individuals volunteering for a government body confidential pursuant to Iowa Code section 22.7(18)?

May 2016
Did the recent Iowa Supreme Court decision involving the Warren County Board of Supervisors change the definition of an open meeting of a governmental body?

April 2016
Can there be more than one lawful custodian of a public record?

March 2016
2015 Year-in-review

February 2016
What should a government body do when a records request is received?

January 2016
What is required for a governmental body to designate who its legal counsel is for purposes of a closed session?

December 2015
Does discussing and viewing a document at a public meeting make that document a public record?

Iowa Public Information Board Proposed Administrative Rules