Iowa Freedom of Information Council

The Iowa Freedom of Information Council is a coalition of journalists, librarians, lawyers, educators and other Iowans devoted to open government.

It was organized in the fall of 1976 and formally incorporated in 1977. About 22 such statewide organizations are active in the nation today, and the Iowa FOI Council is among the oldest, if not the oldest. The Iowa Council was established primarily in response to increases in the amount and the costs of litigation involving the news media.

The Council's bylaws still provide that it can serve as a voluntary assessment district to finance lengthy court battles that would benefit Iowans interested in open government. Over the years, however, the Council's work has been primarily educational in nature - acquainting journalists with the Iowa open records and meeting laws and conducting workshops for public officials and other citizens.

Randy Evans, a former news editor of the Des Moines Register, is the executive secretary of the council.