Empowering Iowans

In September of 2012, the Iowa Newspaper Foundation, together with the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, hosted four “community conversations”…The People Have the Power: Making a Difference in Your Community … around the state to educate Iowans on the state’s open meetings, open records laws. These events were very well received, with over 200 participants at the four events.

The INA has made the materials from the meetings available to all Iowa newspapers and encourages members to host similar community conversations in their own communities.

“The People Have the Power: Making a Difference in Your Community” is an interactive 90-minute program designed to introduce community participants to the tools for becoming engaged, informed citizens and building strong communities. Topics include how to participate in local government meetings and obtain public records, as well as your First Amendment rights to free speech, petition and assembly.

The materials needed to hold a conversation in your community can be found below.

We hope you will consider empowering your community by holding an event. The residents in your community will be glad you did. If you have any questions, contact INA Executive Director Susan Patterson Plank at 515-244-2145 or spattersonplank@inanews.com.

Want to help empower members of your community?

Materials to hold a "People Have the Power" Community Conversation in your community

All materials can be localized

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If you need assistance with any of these materials, contact Jodi Hulbert at jhulbert@inanews.com.