Career Opportunities

The newspaper industry employs thousands of reporters and photographers, but there are so many other career opportunities in the newspaper field! Newspaper companies are often looking for advertising sales people, managers, technology experts, designers and much more.

There are career opportunities in every county in Iowa, in small rural communities, in county seat cities and in Iowa’s metropolitan areas. View current submitted job openings.

Web, Graphics, & UI Development
Today’s newspapers are technologically sophisticated. Skilled systems personnel are needed to assemble supervise and maintain these elaborate systems. As newspapers expand their digital presence via websites, mobile editions, apps and social media platforms, the need for employees with technological expertise is growing exponentially.

PR, Advertising, & Sales
The Advertising Department carries the primary revenue responsibility for a newspaper through the sale of advertising into newspapers’ print, online and mobile environments, as well as a host of niche publications, both in print and online.

The newspaper advertising sales department is a great place to build a career in sales and marketing. Advertising executives have the opportunity to interact with all types of businesses, small and large and help them achieve their marketing and sales goals by creating strong marketing and advertising campaigns.  Advertising executives develop valuable knowledge about good business practices and a solid understanding of the newspaper industry.

Marketing & Circulation
The role of the Circulation Department goes beyond simply distributing the newspaper to readers. Circulation staffers also market and promote the newspaper and its online offerings. The circulation executives are key in helping the newspaper understand its readers and online viewers and providing them with the essential information they need and want.

Journalism & New Media
Today’s newsroom requires resourceful reporters who can make facts interesting, find the critical sources, write stories that are compelling, and do it all on deadline. The newsroom employs creative photographers, designers and copy editors, as well as editors who can provide ethical guidance.

Informing the public and upholding the rights and responsibilities of the First Amendment are at the heart of every newspaper operation.

Corporate / Business Development
There are many management opportunities in the newspaper industry…in advertising, news, circulation, design, online and much more.

Top management at a newspaper, usually the Publisher or general manager works with all areas to create a quality news product, delivered the way the public wants to receive it, while meeting profitability goals.

The management at a newspaper company is also very active in community organizations and development groups.