Iowa newspapers reach consumers!

Customized Newspaper Advertising, CNA, the sales arm of the Iowa Newspaper Association, commissioned a statewide research study with Scarabourgh/Nielsen in 2017.   The purpose of the study was to examine consumer habits and newspaper readership on a statewide level. The study proves that newspapers and newspaper websites are well-read and meet an important need among consumers in Iowa.  This research is important for the sales efforts of CNA as an extension of your sales staff and as a tool to continue the mission of advancing the economic well-being of Iowa newspapers.   

This research can also be customized for your market!  Click on the results and utilize the pdfs available for each category of research, including general newspaper readership in Iowa, voting and political habits, spending and buying habits and much more!

 2017 research results

To customize research for your market, click the links below...