Letter to Members: Slow mail costs money

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

National Newspaper Association
Illinois Office
900 Community Drive
Springfield, IL 62703


Dear Newspaper Owner,

It may seem as postal reform is on our minds in our Washington office all day, every day. That is pretty much true. We have to keep talking about it! Congress is balking at getting the job done, and the National Newspaper Association is aware that big consequences loom unless we can change the course and pass HR 756, the Postal Reform Act of 2017. We are facing more service cuts and possibly major postage increases.

Passing any legislation this year is a challenge, as I’m sure you have noticed. The bill we support has a lot of backers. It is just stuck behind other legislative priorities.

I am submitting an editorial for your use, in the hopes that your readers who care about getting mail will take action. We publishers of small town newspapers—and that is most of NNA—can see the effects of the last few service cuts. We hear stories about cash flow problems from advertisers, and everything from lost wedding invitations to delayed medicines. We need your readers to understand that they can push for solutions.

This editorial does not name your member of House of Representatives. I hope you will slug that in before you publish. If you need help finding the contact information for your congressional delegation, write Tonda Rush (tonda@nna.org) and she will get you a link. You are also most welcome to remove my byline and speak with your editorial page’s own voice.

Many thanks for your support. Let’s not let a stone remain unturned in avoiding more deterioration in universal postal service. Let me know what else I can do to help you. To get a copy of the editorial, click here.



Matthew Paxton IV
NNA President
Publisher of The News-Gazette,
Lexington, VA