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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The INA All-State Athletic program recognizes high school student athletes each year in football, girls and boys basketball and baseball.

This year, at the recommendation of the All-State Ad Hoc Committee and with approval by the INA Board of Directors— the INA is implementing some program changes, with the goal of increasing INA newspaper participation.

Voting for INA All-State Football will be done electronically by INA member newspapers. Newspapers and coaches will not be meeting in Des Moines to make selections for the teams. All-district athletes, selected by coaches, will provide the nominations from which newspapers will make selections.

**The INA All-State Committee has asked that district lists be shared with the INA staff contact below as soon as possible after they are available to populate the online selection survey. If possible, the Committee asks athletes be listed with name, school, position and any additional stats (that aren't available on QuikStats) coaches feel would be helpful to sportswriters. Ideally, the district teams would be balanced and represent each position. It is understood many all-district teams are not released until after the playoffs are concluded. The committee asks all-district lists be shared with INA Staff prior to being released. INA staff will NOT release the lists. The information will only be used to populate the online voting system.

Online voting will be open to all INA member newspapers November 13-15. Each newspaper will have access to vote in all classes— and can choose which classes they vote in based on their own knowledge. Each newspaper will have one vote. If ties should occur, the INA All-State Committee will serve as tie-breakers. Seniors receiving the highest number of votes will serve as team captains.  An INA All-State press release will be made available to newspapers on November 20 and embargoed until November 21. The press release will be emailed to newspapers and posted to the members section of

INA contact information:
Jana Shepherd
Iowa Newspaper Association