Niche Members

To qualify for election as a Niche Publication Member, a person shall:
a. Not be qualified to be an Active Member;
b. Have a publication that
(1) Is published by an entity that has in its corporate structure an Active INA member;
(2) Has been in publication for at least one year ;
(3) Does not contain more than seventy-five percent advertising in more than one-half of its issues during any twelve-month period;
(4) Is regularly issued at stated intervals no less frequent than once a month, except for those in which the frequency interval requirement may be waived when said publication meets all other requirements for membership.
c. In the judgment of the Board of Directors, be of high ethical and journalistic standards that would reflect positively on the Association; and
d. Have filed an application for membership with the Executive Director of the Association, agreeing to pay all dues assessed pursuant to these Bylaws.

Niche Member dues are based on the publication’s circulation, and will be determined upon application.

Download a Niche Membership application