INA Endorsed Services

Another way in which INA provides members the right tools to succeed now and for many years into the future is by offering group discounts on certain products and services. The INA realizes that some of its members don’t have the means to support all of these types of programs on their own, so it offers group programs in several areas.

INA’s current endorsed services are:

Debt collection
I.C. System 1-800-685-0595

Health insurance
EBS/Holmes Murphy 319-393-0148 or 800-373-0148

Libel insurance
Walterry Insurance Brokers 1-800-638-8791


Become an INA Endorsed Service

To become an endorsed service, an organization must meet the following criteria:
1. Staff should make an effort to determine if the service or product offered is being offered by any active INA member and if so, this information should be brought to the association’s attention.
2. Product or service must be made available to all members.
3. Staff needs to inquire as to any revenue or remuneration for the INA.
4. Vendor must agree to provide INA with material to be used for promotion in its member Bulletin, at least twice a year.

The INA Board will vote whether or not an organization will be accepted as an endorsed service.

If you are interested in finding out more about INA’s endorsed services, or if you are an organization who feels that you have a beneficial service to offer Iowa newspaper members, contact Susan Patterson Plank at 515-244-2145 or