Customized Newspaper Advertising, CNA, is the advertising service of the Iowa Newspaper Association membership. Board directed, its vision is to advance the economic well-being of Iowa newspaper enterprises primarily through research, promotion and advertising sales.

CNA is an extension of your sales staff working hard to secure NEW business from regional and national companies into your publications. CNA drives this business by making newspaper placement easy for clients and advertising agencies by providing research and demographic information about Iowa newspaper readers.

CNA offers member newspapers the opportunity to participate in the statewide newspaper networks. This is a revenue generating opportunity for your newspaper. Please contact us for more information about how to join or sell the newspaper networks at networks@cnaads.com.

Ad copy for run week: May 11, 2020

Below is the ad copy for both the classified and 2x2/2x4 ads.  Please download ads based on the region your newspaper is located.

Updated weekly on Wednesday to run the following week.

What are the networks?

Did you know that Iowa newspapers sold more than $45,000 in network ads in 2019!

Statewide Classified Network
Small Space Display Network of Iowa

In each program, participating newspapers donate space and agree to run the network ads 90% of the time in their paper.  In exchange for this commitment, a kitty check is sent two times per year to each participant.  The kitty check amount is determined by the number of ads sold into the network. Ten percent of every ad sold is put into this account and sent back to newspapers.

Another benefit to newspapers includes the opportunity to sell these networks to local clients. A newspaper retains 50 percent of the selling price for any ads it sells into the network.  That’s 50% instant commission!

Selling into the network is easy! Send the ad to Customized Newspaper Advertising and they'll take care of the rest.

Suggested prospects include:

  • Auctions
  • Antique dealers
  • Business opportunities
  • Commercial real estate
  • Community events and festivals
  • Convention and visitor bureaus
  • Farm equipment
  • Help wanted
  • Land for sale
  • Livestock
  • Pre-manufactured homes
  • Resorts, hotels and motels
  • Schools and instruction
  • Siding companies
  • Vacation rentals

Download media kits to assist in selling the network at your local paper.

Iowa Newspaper Classified Network (INCN)

2x2/2x2 Small Space Display Network of Iowa

Central Region

North Central Region

North East Region

South East Region

North West Region

South West Region

Participating newspapers should use the forms below to place ads into the networks:

Not a member yet?
It's easy to sell into CNA's advertising networks and to reap the benefits! See why more than 200 newspapers are already signed up!

Consider these benefits of participating in the Iowa Newspaper Networks:
⦁ Reduced Commissions on Customized Newspaper Advertising Display Advertising- Weekly newspapers that participate in classified and small space display pay a lower commission to CNA on all display advertising sold into that newspaper.
⦁ Additional Revenue for your newspaper- When you sell network ad your newspaper keeps half of the suggested selling price. That is a 50% commission!
⦁ Kitty Checks-ten percent of every ad sold goes into a kitty, which is distributed quarterly to participating newspapers. In 2019, newspapers that participated in both networks received approximately $300.

Networks Standards of Acceptance

SIGN UP by contacting Contact Customized Newspaper Advertising at 1-800-227-7636 or email networks@cnaads.com