Mary Ungs-Sogaard

Mary Ungs-Sogaard

Publisher, Dyersville Commercial, Manchester Press and Cascade Pioneer, Woodward Communications, Inc.

Professional background:
Graduated in 1980 from the University of Iowa journalism school. As a student, was responsible for the Reader's Digest/U. of Iowa Freelance Writer's Conference. After graduation, worked for Little Brown Publishing in Boston, MA. Traveled extensively in Europe and Middle East. After moving back to the Midwest, worked as Advertising Manager for the Dyersville Commercial. Started with Woodward Communications in Nov 2001, first as Classified Manager.

Husband - Jens, Children - Katrina (husband Joel Anderson), Christian (deceased 2011), Kirsten, Grandson - Axel.

Off-the-job interests:
Reading, photography, and music.

Areas of most interest related to the INA:
Advertising, legislative, literacy and technology.